Our wedding party

Kurt's best person is the handsome and kind Kevin Smith, of Palm Springs, CA, originally of Nashville (Nashvul) TN.  He and Kurt met while Kurt was getting his degree at Theological College in Washington DC, 1977-1978. It was humor and laughter that originally brought them together, but it has been love, support and brotherhood that have sustained their relationship through the years. Kevin is married to his partner, Omar Gonzalez.

Britton's best person is the brilliant and beautiful Diane Tomhave of Seattle, a woman of insight, faith, grounding, and gracious good humor. She lives in Seattle with three very special men: her handsome husband Sherman and her two exemplary sons, Joseph and David (Britton's godson). Diane and Britton met through a mutual friend, Christy Cox, in 1997. Diane is studying with the Haden Institute. Her down-to-earth wisdom helps keep us all grounded.

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